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The power of togetherness

Lindfield Fun Run offers a fantastic opportunity for schools to get involved in some serious fun - and a great way to build school and community spirit at the same time! Form a group, set some goals and you're well on your way. You can also go the extra mile and fundraise to make an even greater impact on the work of our charity partners KYDS Youth Development Service and Hornsby Kuringgai Women's Shelter in the community.

Info needed for team registration

Before you register:

  • Select a team leader
  • The team leader must register first to set up the team
  • Decide on a name for your team
  • Decide on a team password - this stops outsiders from joining
  • Once the team is created, other members can join the team
  • You don’t all have to run the same distance - if some members prefer 2 km and others 10 km - that’s fine!
  • There is no limit to the number of people in a team – the more the merrier!

Team leader creates the team

Create a team - as you register yourself

  • The team leader will register first and set up the team during registration
  • During registration the system asks "Create a Team?"
  • Enter a team name and fundraising target
  • The system will ask "Allow anyone to to join my team"
  • Answer "Yes"  so you get a "Join Us" link on the team page.
  • Decide on a team password to pass on to your team to control access.

        Go to Registration and then select General.

Create  a team - if you have completed registration

  • All runners will have a Dashboard created when they register
  • Creating a team is done through this Dashboard
  • To login to your dashboard. Click
  • You may need to enter your username and password to proceed.
  • Select the Create a team tab   Add the team name 
  • Change the Fundraising Target or leave it as is 
  • Set "Allow anyone to join my team"  to "Yes" so "Join us" appears on the team page.
  • Decide on a team password to pass on to your team to control access.

Create a team -  by a teacher, coach or parent - not running

  • To enable this, we can provide a special no cost promo code for you to register and set up the team..
  •  You will become a non participating team leader.
  • To get the code, please send your school name, your name, position and mobile no. to
  • We will send you a promo code which is entered in the credit card payment area when you register.
  • Then set up the team  when you register yourself. as described above. 

Customise the team page

The team page is where you can showcase your team.

The team leader can upload a team banner photo and write a short description of your team and the cause you are supporting.

To find the team page:

To edit the team page

  • If possible use the same device on which you registered. This avoids you having to log in again.
  • Click on the dropdown next to your name on the top right..
  • Select "My teamEdit team page"

Add a banner

  • To upload a new Team cover banner click on the camera icon on the banner LHS.
  • The banner size should be   1200 x 500 (or 600)

Add a profile image

  • To upload a new profile image, click on the camera icon in the top banner area.
  •  The profile size should be 400 x 400
  • Check that "Allow anyone to join my team" is set to "YES". This puts a "Join us" button on the team page.
  • To control access to the team, enter a Team Passcode. This is shared with members of the team.
  • Click on Update Details to Save
  • To change the default message on your page, click on the Edit button
  • You can then share the link with your team on Facebook Twitter or Email

Team members join the team

Information you need

  • Get the team name from your team leader or other members
  • Get the team password (if one is used)
  • Find a photo of yourself to upload to your page. This is optional. You can do it later.
  • Click to then select General to start your registration.

Join the team during your registration

  • If the team is already set up, you can join the team during your registration.

Join a team if you have already registered 

  • Click here
  • Or just click on Donate on the home page.
  • Then click on the Teams tab. 
  • Enter your team name in the "Search for a fundraiser" field.
  • The team page will appear.
  • Click on the "Join us" link.
  • You may have to enter your user name and password to complete the process.

Customise your personal page

To customise your Personal page after registration

Login to your Dashboard

If the device you are using is not the device you used to register, you may have to enter your user name and password.

To update the text and image on your page:

Click on the Icon just above "I'm fundraising for KYDS .....

You can then change your page name (maybe enter a nickname), update the words to explain the cause you support and upload a photo.

View a team. as a Runner, Team Captain or Supporter.

The quickest way 

Click on the Donate button visible from any page

Click the Team button. Enter the name of the team. 

Click on the team image that appears.

You will be taken to the team page and will be able to see the team image, messages, fundraising goal.

You will see one or more team member images. Click on a team member to see their fundraising to date.

Promotional Material

A4 Poster (click to download)

A5 Poster (click to download)