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Although our annual Lindfield Fun Run is a great community event for all young and young at heart, it's hosted by Rotary who have the vision to raise vital funds for charity. KYDS is a not-for-profit organisation located in Lindfield to help young people understand, and manage, difficult issues in their lives. The Womens Shelter helps and empowers women going through very difficult times. We at Rotary - via KYDS, the Women's Shelter and other charities - would like to lend a hand by raising funds to help their amazing work. Please help us help. It's fun, rewarding and really easy to raise some dollars.

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   Why fundraise?

All funds raised go straight to charity

Lindfield Fun Run is an annual community fun run for people of all ages, young and young at heart to raise money for KYDS Youth Development Service and Hornsby Kuringgai Women's Shelter. 

KYDS is a not-for-profit Youth Development Service that operates in the Ku-ring-gai area to help children and young people with all areas of mental health, ranging from grief, loss, family breakups, friendship problems, school and study stress, addictions, risky behaviours, anger, bullying, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use, body image concerns, mental health concerns, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Almost 20 years ago in 2003, Lindfield Rotary became aware that an increasing number of young people in Ku-ring-gai were struggling with mental health issues, including the stigma associated with it. Sadly, there weren’t any local services available to help these young people.  Lindfield Rotary raised the funds and partnered with Ku-ring-gai Council to establish KYDS – a free, local, and confidential counselling service for children and young people. On 31 March 2005 KYDS Youth Development Service opened its doors with one counsellor, who operated at the library in Lindfield. KYDS supported 36 young people in its first year.

Over the following 16 years, many other parts of the community also provided support to KYDS Youth Development Service allowing it to grow and meet increasing demand.  Today, a team of 18 passionate and qualified mental health professionals support young people to work through their challenges and to help them to achieve their potential. Over the past year, we provided 5462 counselling sessions to more than 400 young people.

The money raised from this event will help KYDS Youth Development Service do extraordinary things for children and young people affected by mental health and family issues in our local community.  Just a little of your effort will go a long way, and provide help to those in need in our local community.

   All proceeds go to charity

Organised by Rotary who are all volunteers

So, with an army of volunteers, we keep our operating costs to a minimum, so we can pass on the funds raised straight to charity.  We're pretty proud of that.  

We hope you'll take up the fundraising challenge and help us help KYDS.  Remember, it's for charity, so all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

   How to Fundraise

Getting started with Fundraising - it's actually really easy!

1. Decide why you want to fundraise

Take a few minutes to read about our major charities, KYDS Youth Development Service and Hornsby Kuringgai Women's Shelter, and decide in your own mind why they deserve your effort – and lead the way by being the first to give to your own fundraising effort.


2. Customise your fundraising page

Put a bit of thought into your fundraising page (see button on the left) and upload a smiling photo of yourself – doesn’t have to be in full running gear! People just want to see who they’re giving to.


3. Create your prospect list

Start with your loved ones – spouse, partner, parents, kids – get them to give up a week’s pocket-money for you (aww Dad!). Then friends, wider family and colleagues – and don’t forget the shopkeepers and other businesses you frequent – they can reward you for your customer loyalty!


4. Have meaningful conversations with people

This goes back to the reason why you are fundraising in the first place. Just make sure you convey the importance of fundraising – it helps to give people clarity on how their money is spent (this can be on your fundraising page).


5. Use email and social media

By far the easiest channels to use to get the message out there. And remember if a friend didn’t give on the first ask – send them a gentle reminder. Most people won’t mind a bit of a nudge!

6. Make fundraising easier with the tools provided

There are posters you can put up at work to rally people to the cause or perhaps recruit riders.


7. Ask your employer to support you

Some employers may even match your donations with their own. If you create a work team it could be a sponsorship opportunity perhaps with team T-shirts.


8. Update your fundraising page

As you progress in the weeks leading up to the event, perhaps add bits of news if something great happened like a big donation – or just to remind people how close you are to your goal. And if you pass your goal – don’t be shy about making a new one!!


9. Recognise and thank your supporters

The fundraising system will send out a message to a donor when they give but people will always love to hear from you with a personal message of thanks.


10. Create or join a team

If you have friends you would like to run (or walk) with bring them along. It’s more fun to run with people you know, but also it’s easier to fundraise when you’ve got someone to give you moral support.

   Your Fundraising Page

Customise your Fundraising Page

Your fundraising page is automatically set up for you when you register to run (or walk). But in order to attract supporters and encourage them to donate you’re going to need to give it some love…!

  • Make sure you upload a great photo of yourself – as a minimum it needs to be a happy one – but how about including something relevant to the event or the cause?
  • Write a brief but compelling summary about why you’re raising money for KYDS and helping Rotary - there's some starter text on your fundraising page.  Feel free to edit/change to suit.
  • Make sure you set your goal – high enough to give you something significant to aim for, but at the same time achievable.

Edit my fundraising page image, message or contact details

This takes you to the fundraising page that was set up for you. when you registered.

On this page, you can upload a photo or change the wording of the appeal you send to family and friends.

You can also edit your account details, which include your name, email, password and more.

On your page, you can also join a team, set up previously by other runners.

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Note the system won't find a fundraising page until you register.

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   Fundraising tools

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